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Transfer a Test Case to another Test Configuration


This document describes how to move and store a single Test Case into a 'container' Test Configuration, that is used as a collection of tests, for instance a Test configuration where all the unit tests for a certain Test Application are collected.

First the Test Suite is moved into the collection, then the Test Case is moved into an existing Test Suite.

Copy Test Case to collection Test Configuration

More in detail:

  1. Navigate to the Test Design (home)page and select the Test Configuration containing the draft unit test
  2. Use the button on the Test Suite to copy the Test Suite
  3. Expand the "Choose another test configuration, if the test suite should not be copied to the current test configuration:" groupbox, and select the container Test Configuration as target
  4. Navigate to the container Test Configuration and open the Test Suite copy
  5. Use the button on the Test Case to copy the Test Case
  6. Expand the "Choose another test suite, if the test case should not be copied to the current test suite:" groupbox, and select an existing relevant Test Suite as target
  7. Navigate to the Test Design (home)page
  8. Delete the Test Configuration from step 1 using the button (since the actual intention was to move it, not to copy it)


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Last updated 24 may 2022