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Access Mendix model

To access Mendix projects, the user who logs in to MTA must be linked to a Mendix user. First time you login as a Test Automator, you will be provided a page where you can enter the necessary information to create this link.

API key and PAT

An API key and Personal Access Token (PAT) need to be created to make communication possible with MTA and the Mendix platform.
Make sure to store both in a password manager after creation.

Create your PAT and personal API key in your Mendix account. Go to:

  • Click "New token". Name it 'MTA Test'.
  • Select only mx:modelrepository:repo:read
  • Click "Create".
  • Store it in the password manager so you don't lose it.
  • Now click "Configure API Keys".
  • Create a new API key. Description 'MTA Test'.
  • Click "Generate API key".
  • Store it in the password manager so you don't lose it.

Enter API key and PAT in MTA

Login to MTA using the credentials provided by your MTA Manager.

The following popup will appear:

Mendix credentials

Now fill in the fields under 'Mendix credentials'

  • The Mendix account username (the email address you registered with);
  • API Key and PAT;

Then choose "Save".

If you need to change this information later, click the user icon on the top right.

To test if this step was successful, try to Add an Application. The Mendix projects associated with the given Mendix user should be visible.


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Last updated 27 march 2023