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Service Level Agreement

Version 2021-1

MTA Service Level Agreement 2021-1

1 General

1.1 Introduction

This service level agreement (the “SLA”) sets forth the relevant service levels in relation to the use of Menditect Test Automation (MTA) to Customer under an applicable Order Form. Support for Mendix Applications is not part of this SLA.

1.2 Definitions

All capitalized terms used in this SLA that are not otherwise defined herein, shall have the meaning given to them in the End User Licence Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, any reference in this SLA to a section or other subdivision is a reference to a section or subdivision of this SLA.

1.3 Support Functionalities

Menditect provides for the following support functionalities at the addresses and telephones

numbers provided:

Support Phone Numbers: +31 85 – 4010494

Support email:

1.4 Submitting Support Requests

All support requests (incidents and change requests) need to sent by email to the support email address. This enables for all required information to be properly logged and tickets can be addressed in the fastest and most efficient manner.

1.5 Support Process

After the reception of the support request, Menditect will analyze the ticket and, if applicable, try to reproduce the incident or evaluate the completeness of the information of a change request. If Menditect determines the root cause of the incident is the MTA software, Menditect will resolve the issue according to the assigned priority, as defined under section 1.6 (Priority Levels). If the root cause of a reported incident is deemed to be an external failure (i.e. the root cause is not the MTA software, but e.g. the customer specific (model of the) Mendix Application), Menditect shall inform Customer of such fact and Menditect will have no obligation to resolve such issue. However, in such case Menditect shall use reasonable efforts in supporting Customer in resolving the incident which may include involving (paid) Menditect Consultancy. Menditect will seek Customer’s written approval and agreement to pay any related fees before performing such services.

1.6 Priority Levels

Priority levels are determined based on impact and urgency, as attributable to Menditect as set forth below.


  • (i) High: a high priority production incident with a high impact on Customer’s business, impacting (almost) all users
  • (ii) Medium: a production incident with intermediate impact on Customer’s business, impacting a group of users
  • (iii) Low: a trivial (production) incident with no impact on the customer’s business


  • (i) High: operational functionality is severely disrupted
  • (ii) Medium: operational functionality is limited disrupted
  • (iii) Low: operational functionality is not/hardly disrupted
High impactMedium impactLow impact
High urgencyCritical priorityHigh priorityMedium priority
Medium urgencyHigh priorityMedium priorityLow priority
Low urgencyMedium priorityLow priorityLow priority

If and where Menditect provides for a workaround solution the priority level can never be higher than Medium. If incidents arise as a consequence of newer versions of the Mendix platform or Mendix Modeler the priority level is always Low.

1.7 Support Hours

Support via email and/or Support Phone is limited to the support hours as set forth below.

Support hoursOffice Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 – 18:00 Local Time
(excluding national holidays)
To be determined

For purposes of this SLA, “Local Time” means the time zone for the location of the Menditect entity Customer is contracting with under the Agreement; Menditect observes the national and/or public holidays for the same location:

Menditect Services B.V. CET (Central European Time) The Netherlands

1.8 Response Time and Resolution Time Objectives

For solving incidents in MTA software, Menditect offers the following response time and resolution time objectives:

Standard Response TimeCustom Response TimeStandard Response TimeCustom Response Time
Critical< 2 office hourst.b.d.< 8 office hourst.b.d.
High< 8 office hourst.b.d.Next Business Dayt.b.d.
MediumNext Business Dayt.b.d.Reasonable effortt.b.d.
LowReasonable effortt.b.d.At Menditect discretiont.b.d.

For Menditect software used by non-paying Menditect users the support level is “Low” by default.

2 Mendix App Platform

2.1 Software Lifecycle

Menditect will only support MTA software for the current major release and the two (2) prior major releases of the Mendix App Platform. This SLA is valid for all Long Term and Medium Term Stable releases of the Mendix platform as defined in For monthly releases of the Mendix platform the Menditect support level is by default set to “Low”.

The MTA release numbers use the following format. X.Y.Z where X = Major version nr, Y = minor version nr, Z = patch nr. Menditect only supports the last two minor releases (including patches) of the MTA software as published in the release notes page ( Customers that run older versions of MTA than the last two minor releases need to upgrade first to one of the supported releases in order to get support according to this SLA.

Upgrading to a higher minor release is only supported for the next minor release (e.g. upgrading from MTA 2.2 to 2.3 is fully supported. In order to upgrade from MTA 2.1 to MTA 2.3 you need to upgrade from MTA 2.1 to MTA 2.2 and then upgrade from MTA 2.2 to MTA 2.3)

2.2 Support of Mendix Applications

This SLA describes the support levels for the MTA Software provided by Menditect. The Mendix Platform allows Customers to develop a broad range of Applications which are Customer specific in regards to both functionality and the IT environment in which they are used. Due to the wide range of Applications developed using the Mendix Platform, such Applications require business specific and in-depth domain knowledge in order to be supported. Menditect advises to arrange Application support within Customer’s delivery organization (through Menditect or another Mendix Partner). Menditect can assist delivery organizations in acquiring the right skill set, support them with specialized services or provide application support for applications that have been developed by Menditect. Please contact us for more information.