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Release 2.5.0

Release date

30 November 2023

Supported Mendix versions

Menditect supports the Mendix Long-Term Support Version (LTS) and Medium-Term Support Version (MTS). The current highest release that is supported is 9.24.12. For support levels on MTS/LTS and monthly releases, read the SLA. Mendix 10 support is monthly release based. Read more about MTS/LTS versions at

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Highlights in this release

  • New Test Configuration menu structure!
  • Generate Test Cases from scratch by using the Mendix Model menu!
  • Option to use SAML SSO instead of local accounts.
  • Function to run a single Test Suite.
  • Option to stop a test run when an assert fails.

New functionality

New functionalityThe menu structure and navigation to configure a Test Configuration has been changed. Clicking a Test Suite in the list will now open it. Buttons to navigate from the Test Run to test design have changed. Apart from the Test Suite page containing all the Test Cases, there is now also a Test Case page, alowing more focus while working on Unit Tests.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityIt is now possible to execute only a single Test Suite. This change was also reflected in the CI/CD API.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityMTA now supports the option to use SAML to authenticate, as an alternative to using local accounts.
Release actionsContact support to have this implemented in an MTA environment.

New functionalityIt is now possible to specify on an assert, that a test run should stop, whenever the assert fails.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityMTA has a new feature that allows to view which microflows are covered by a Test Case, and optionally create a microflow test from there.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityWhenever executing a single Test Case, other Test Cases that it depends on, are also executed in sequence.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityTest Instructions and Manual Test Cases are no longer supported in MTA.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityThe TestAutomator role no longer exists in MTA and has been replaced by the Tester role. The Tester role now has the same rights as the TestAutomator role in the previous versions of MTA.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityKeys that need to be used in the CI/CD API are now shown whenever applicable.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityWe have automated the execution of the migration scripts when upgrading an MTA version. This is especially useful for our on-premises customers.
Release actionsNone.

Bug fixes

ProblemThe MTA Dashboard showed incorrect information.
SolutionThe MTA Dashboard shows correct information again.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemWhenever the recorder in MTA is no longer responding, it was not possible to stop the recording.
SolutionA recording can now be stopped, also if it is no longer responding.
Release actionsNone.