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Release 1.6.2


These release notes are from a version that is no longer being actively maintained.

Release 1.6.2

Release date

19 may 2022

Supported Mendix versions

Menditect supports the Mendix Long-Term Support Version (LTS) and Medium-Term Support Version (MTS).

Highlights in this release

    We have made significant improvements in the Recorder functionality.
    • It is now possible to record microflows but also record create, change and retrieve object actions, and have MTA create Teststeps from these actions.
    • When creating a new Recording, it is no longer necessary to choose which steps to create.
    • All the detected user actions will automatically result in one or more Teststeps in the Test Case.
    • In this version, the Recording is also given two parameters that can be set; the maximum duration of the recording, and the maximum amount of detected user actions. This is to prevent long running of recordings as a result of an unefficent flow in the Mendix code.
    • Read more about recordings in the How to? section!
    • Because Recording is still in Beta, we have included a separate support form just for enthousiasts using this brand new feature.
      We welcome your feedback!
    It is now possible to add a Teststep between existing Teststeps!
    • Choose if you want to create the Teststep before, or after the selected Teststep.
    • This is a much requested feature especially when you need to set your associations.
    When a Microflow input parameter is an Object, it is now possible to set the value to Empty.
    Microflow input parameters can now be added as an item in the Datavariation.
    A List of objects can now be filled with objects from the output of multiple Teststeps.
    The documentation site is enriched with much more content.
    • Best practices added for Unit Tests and Process Tests.
    • Added versioning for the Reference Guide.
    • Explanatories added, linking to blogs on the Menditect website.
    • "How to" section has been updated, especially to support usage of the MTA Plugin Module.
    • Legal documents (EULA, SLA, Privacy Policy) have been moved from Google Docs.
    • Releasenotes have been moved from Google Docs.
    A form to send a support request can now be opened directly from MTA.

New functionality

New functionalityAsserts have been explanded with the option to compare using Greater-than or Smaller-than syntax.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityWhen recording a Test Case, MTA will prohibit users from applying a new revision on, or executing a Test Configuration, copying a Test Suite or Test Case and making changes in Teststeps in that Test Case.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityThe Font Awesome icon library has been updated to version 6.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityThe instruction text when copying a Test Suite or Test Case is now more user friendly.
Release actionsNone.

New functionalityCalculated attributes are now excluded from Retrieve Object Teststeps.
Release actionsNone.

Bug fixes

ProblemWhen adding a String attribute with a size more than 200 characters to the Datavariation, an error would occur.
SolutionString attributes can now be added to the Datavariation regardless the amount of characters.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemIf all items in the Datavariation are deleted, an empty Datavariation would be the result, and the Test Suite would still be executed multiple times but with the same data.
SolutionIf all items in the Datavariation are deleted, the Datavariation itself is now also deleted.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemIf an error needs to be fixed in the Datavariation page, the Solve button would still lead to the Configuration page.
SolutionIf an error needs to be fixed in the Datavariation page, the Solve button will now lead to the Datavariation page.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemWhen adding an assert after cancelling in the same page, further user input would be ignored.
SolutionAdding an assert after first cancelling now works as expected.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemWhen selecting a Teststep, sometimes the selection of the Test Case was lost.
SolutionWhen selecting a Teststep, the Test Case is also re-selected.
Release actionsNone.

Hot fixes in this release


ProblemRecorded microflow without return value was selected as microflow for input parameter.
SolutionCorrect recorded microflow is now selected when selecting microflow for input parameter.
Release actionsNone.


ProblemRecorded retrieve actions incorrectly count towards number of recorded actions.
SolutionRecorded retrieve actions are no longer included when counting amount of recorded actions.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemSometimes recorded attributes from different objects were mixed.
SolutionAttributes from different objects are no longer mixed.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemWhen deleting a test application from a test configuration, the results were not deleted making it difficult to delete a test application.
SolutionWhen deleting a test application from a test configuration, the results are now also deleted.
Release actionsNone.

ProblemWhen executing a test configuration, Plugin Users from all associated Test Applications needed to be valid.
SolutionWhen executing a test configuration, only Plugin Users that are actually used in Test Cases are checked if they are valid.
Release actionsNone.