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Know when to adapt to next revision


This document provides an overview of when it is necessary to adapt (download and adapt Test Suites) to a next revision.

In most scenarios it is not necessary to adapt to a next revision in order to Execute the Test Configuration.



Microflow means any Microflow or Rule
Used? means the entity, attribute or microflow is used in a teststep

Change done in next revisionUsed?Executing when not adapting to next revision
Added entityN/A
Deleted existing entityNo
Deleted existing entityYesError
Added attributeN/A
Deleted existing attributeNo
Deleted existing attributeYesError
Added associationN/A
Deleted existing associationNo
Deleted existing associationYesError
Renamed entityNo
Renamed entityYes
Renamed attributeNo
Renamed attributeYes
Renamed associationNo
Renamed associationYes
Other domain model changeNo
Other domain model changeYes
Added microflowN/A
Deleted existing microflowNo
Deleted existing microflowYesError
Added microflow input parameterNo
Added microflow input parameterYesError
Deleted microflow input parameterNo
Deleted microflow input parameterYesError
Renamed microflow input parameterNo
Renamed microflow input parameterYes
Changed microflow return valueNo
Changed microflow return valueYesError
Other microflow changeNo
Other microflow changeYes
Any other model changeN/A


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Last updated 23 february 2023