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MTA training

In this one-day course you will learn how to set up MTA, design, build, execute, evaluate and maintain automated tests and to manage test data in MTA.


You will learn how to set up MTA and prepare your Mendix app to be tested with MTA. In the design of your tests you will learn how to set up tests at different test levels (from unit to process) and how to structure tests in the MTA test framework. When building automated tests you will learn how to set up test cases, add asserts and data variation for single and multi app test configurations. After test execution you will learn how to evaluate the results and maintain the test case upon changes of the Mendix app. For process testing you will learn how to create test cases from a UI recording and how to make cascaded test cases. To make automated tests repeatable and maintainable you will learn how to manage test data and clean up test results.

Topics covered

  • Preparation of MTA and your test application
  • Structure your test cases in the MTA test framework
  • Automate your test cases and learn how to optimally use the MTA features
  • Cascaded or independent test cases
  • Asserts & data variation
  • MTA recorder
  • Execute and evaluate tests
  • Manage test data
  • Maintain tests

Learning goals

We aim to give our participants a good understanding of the capabilities of MTA for automating tests of Mendix apps. After attending the course you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • How can you set up test cases different test levels?
  • How can you structure test cases in MTA and re-use test logic for fast execution and optimal maintenance?
  • How can you create automated tests and make them technically consistent (with the Mendix app)?
  • How can you evaluate test results and improve the tested app or the test script?
  • How can you clean up test data and make automated tests repeatable?
  • How can you set up and maintain MTA (management of apps, environments, execution users and test results)?


This one-day course is for Mendix developers and testers that want to use MTA to automate testing.


The participants must have basic understanding of test strategies and have a Mendix Rapid certification or equivalent.


There are two options:

  • pay-per-seat: training is provided in our office in Amersfoort, with a fixed price per perticipant, on a fixed date determined by Menditect. Lunch is included.
  • bespoke: training is provided on demand, on location, for a maximum of 6 participants.

Contact the trainers for current prices.