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CI/CD configure


This document describes how to configure MTA to use the CI/CD API.

Looking for the CI/CD API docs? These were moved to the reference guide.

Create API user

In order to prepare MTA for integration with your CI/CD pipeline you need to create a user in MTA with only the Tester and ApiUser roles.

  • First, login as an MTA Manager. Do not login with an account that has Administrator rights!
  • Navigate to MTA management and then to MTA Users. Create a New local MTA user.
  • Then, fill in the form like this:

Create API user

This is the username and password you will connect with to the API.

  • Save and logout.
  • Then, login with the API user, click the user icon on the top right and fill in the PAT.
  • Finally, if you also want MTA to push testrun results to your own API endpoint, enter the Endpoint and Secret key.
    Read more about it on the CI/CD result handling page.

Check App status

The Public API can be used in a pipeline that performs deployments of a Mendix Application. But it does not check if the deployment is done.


Before executing a testrun, check that the deployment is completed and the status of the Application Instance is "Running".

Cleanup testruns

No need to clean up testruns manually. Currently, a nightly scheduled event cleans up executed Test Runs. MTA only keeps test runs associated with the last two executions for a single Application.


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Last updated 25 september 2023