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Use a Test Suite variable


This document describes how to create a Test Suite variable (of type String, Integer, Long, Decimal, Datetime, Boolean or Enumeration). It is possible to define a variable once, reuse it across the entire Test Suite, and optionally add it to the Data Variation.

Use the MTA Utility Module

The MTA Utility Module contains several extension microflows that can be used to perform operations that are not native functions of MTA (yet).

Download the MTA Utility Module here

Use any of the GET_String / GET_Integer etc. microflows and fill in the value that you want to reuse in the Test Suite.

Do it yourself

Simply create a microflow in your project that takes a parameter and returns exactly the same parameter.
Call that microflow using a Microflow Teststep, and you can then use the output everywhere in the same test suite.

Example of this microflow:

Passthrough String microflow


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Last updated 14 june 2023