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Version: 2.2.0

Microflow call


With this Teststep type, a Microflow is executed.

The microflow is executed regardless if the Execution user is allowed to, according to the selected Allowed Roles on the microflow. However, if "Apply entity access" is on for the microflow, the access on the domain model will be applied.

Add a Microflow Teststep

  • Navigate to the Test Suite and select the Test Case that you want to create a Teststep in.
  • Click " Add" and Click " Microflow teststep" to add a Microflow Teststep.
  • Select the Microflow to execute. You can search by the module or microflow name, or by any of the input or output parameters.
  • Set Microflow Parameters.
  • Click on the "Save" button.

Setting Microflow Parameters

A microflow parameter can be an Object or any of the primitive types: String, Enumeration, Datetime, Integer, Decimal, Boolean.

Note that if the microflow contains input parameters, it is possible to save the Microflow Teststep without providing a value for these, but this may result in MTA showing an Error.

Assign Empty

  • Select the "" button for the parameter to set it to 'Empty'.

Assign fixed value

You can only assign fixed values to primitive types. Assigning values to an Object must be done from former Teststep.

  • Click "" on the right of the attribute, indicating a fixed value should be set.
  • Enter or select a value for the attribute.

For each datatype, there is a different way of entering the value:

  1. String and numeric values can be entered in a text box;
  2. Boolean values need to be Yes or No (and cannot be 'Empty');
  3. Enumeration values can be selected from a dropdown;
  4. Datetime values can be entered either with a specified date, or currentdatetime with an offset.

Note that if the value is not set, this means it will be set to 'Empty' when executing the test.

Assign value from former Teststep

Setting a primitive value

  • First click "" on the right of the attribute, indicating a former Teststep should be used to set the value.
  • Select the Teststep that should provide the value.

Setting an Object value

  • Click "Select input", and either choose to select an existing teststep to set the objecct, or add a new Teststep that Creates the value or Retrieves the value from database.
  • Select or Save the Teststep that should provide the value.

Assign values to a List of Objects

If a Microflow Parameter is a List instead of a single Object, it is possible to add multiple objects, thus filling the list. Use the "" Another input teststep" to accomplish this.

Note that it is not possible to select the same previous teststep multiple times.

Include a Microflow Parameter Value as a Data Variation Item

  • Select the "" button for the parameter that you want to include in Data Variation.