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Version: 2.6.0


It is possible to automatically generate Teststeps by creating a recording. MTA bases these Teststeps on intercepted user actions that are executed on an Application Instance.


Max. duration recording (s)The number of seconds that MTA will intercept user actions before the recording times out.
Max. number of recorded actionsThe maximum number of intercepted user actions to store in MTA.

Business rules

  • If the recording times out, no Teststeps will be created.
  • If more user actions are intercepted than the set maximum, Teststeps will be created based until the maximum is reached.

Note that one recorded action can lead to zero or many Teststeps, and that the 'Max. number of recorded actions' is not the same as the maximum number of created Teststeps.


Create a Recording

  • Click on " Generate test" in the Test Case.
  • Select " Generate test by recording" to open the recording page.
  • Click "Start recording".
  • In the browser, navigate to the Test Application.
  • Perform the actions to be recorded there. Make sure to start the recorder before opening the page where the first record action takes place.
  • In the browser, navigate back to MTA.
  • Click "Stop recording".

The recording page will close and the Teststeps created by the recorder will appear automatically.

Learn more about creating Recordings in the How To and Best Practice sections.


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Last updated 22 January 2024