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Version: 2.6.0



A Snapshot is the condition of a Test Configuration that has been adapted to a certain Application Revision.

Before a Test Configuration is adapted, a Snapshot is created, to allow restoring to the condition before the adapt.

Restoring a Snapshot will only restore Test Suites, the Test Runs will remain in the original Test Configuration.

Actions on Snapshot

Create a Snapshot

A Snapshot is created automatically before the Test Suites in a Test Configuration are adapted to an Application Revision.

Restore a Snapshot

Restoring a Test Configuration using a snapshot will allow to undo an Adapt.

  • Navigate to "Test Configurations" in the top menu.
  • Click and then to restore a test configuration.

The result of this action will be:

  • A new Test Configuration that is based on a previously selected Application Revision is created and opened.
    It will be named "Restored" - {timestamp} - {Original name}. To change the name, Edit the Test Configuration.
  • The original Test Configuration will contain the executed Test Runs. To view the executed Test Runs, open that Test Configuration.


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Last updated: 29 september 2023