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Version: 2.0.0

Application Revision


An Application Revision is a development version of a Mendix Application. Revisions are created when Mendix model changes are commited in Mendix Studio Pro or Mendix Studio.

See Mendix documentation for more information about revisions.


AuthorThe creator of the revision (committer).
Commit messageThe description added to the commit action. Typically this contains information about the model changes.
Create commit dateThe date when the revision is created (or the commit is done).
Mendix versionThe version of Mendix Studio (Pro) in which the Application is developed.
Commit idThe commit number of the model of the Mendix application.
Total modulesThe total number of modules in application revision.
Total entitiesThe total number of entities in application revision.
Total microflowsThe total number of microflows in application revision.

Business rules

  • The Application revision information cannot be deleted from MTA if a Test Configuration is using the Application revision.

Actions on an Application revision

View downloaded Application revisions for an Application

  • Navigate to the "Applications" page to view all Applications that are used in MTA.
  • Select an Application by clicking on the tile.
  • Navigate to "App revisions".

View downloaded elements in a revision

  • Navigate to the "Applications" page to view all Applications that are used in MTA.
  • Select an Application by clicking on the tile.
  • Navigate to "App revisions" to view the Application revisions.
  • Click on "" to view Modules, Entities and Microflows in this revision.

Add an Application revision

Add a new Application revision to MTA by downloading it from teamserver. The only way to download a revision, is if you select this revision to be used in a Test Configuration.

There are two possible ways of achieving this:

Note that downloading can take some time depending on the size of the Mendix project.

Change the Application revision for a Test Configuration

  • Navigate to the "Test configurations" page.
  • Select the Test Configuration.
  • Navigate to "App revisions".
  • Click on "Change revision".
  • Select the revision you want to test on.
  • MTA will download the revision if it is not yet downloaded.

Adapt Test Suites in a Test Configuration to a downloaded Application revision


MTA will no longer check if the revision of a Test Configuration matches the one that is running on the Application Instance.

Test Suites in a Test Configuration must be adapted to a new downloaded Application revision, in order to be able to execute the Test Configuration.

  • Click the Adapt to next revision” button for the selected Test Configuration. MTA will evaluate all model changes and check the consistency of the Test Suite definitions with the Mendix model. If the test model and the Mendix model are not compliant an Error will be shown.

Note that this can take some time depending on the size of the Mendix project, the number and size of Test Suites in the Test Configuration.


If one Test Configuration is adapting to a revision and you need to adapt another Test Configuration to that revision as well, please make sure to wait until the adapt process is finished. If two Test Configurations are being updated to the same downloaded revision simultaneously, MTA will raise an error during this process.

Delete a downloaded Application revision

It is no longer possible to delete downloaded revisions manually. Application revisions are cleaned up nightly by MTA if they are no longer in use.


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Last updated: 19 january 2023