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Version: 2.7.0



If enabled, the Archive function is meant for MTA customers that require that their Test Run results are persisted over a longer period of time. Every Test Run (regardless of the result) is stored in a hierarchical JSON string in an Archive Event.

Archive Events are stored in MTA for a trailing period of one year.

The information in Archive Events can be used for auditing purposes, for example.


If enabled, the Archive function has a slight negative effect on MTA performance.

Properties (Archive Event)

TimestampDate and time of the occurence of the Archive Event.
Event typeTestRunArchive: a Test Run that finished was stored in an Archive Event.
TestRunArchiveEnabled: someone enabled the Archive function.
TestRunArchiveDisabled: someone disabled the Archive function.
DescriptionInformation that identifies the Archive Event. This could be the Account name of the person who enabled or disabled the Archive function, or information about the Test Run.
ContentThe content of the Archive Event.

Business rules


Actions on an Application

Toggle Archive in MTA

  • Login as an MTA Manager.
  • Navigate to "MTA management", "MTA settings".
  • Slide the "Test run archive" to either the Enabled or Disabled setting.

View Archive in MTA

  • Navigate to "Archive".
  • Use the filter options to find a specific Archive Event.


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Last updated: 23 may 2023