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Microflow missing from list

Issue summary

In some cases a Microflow may not appear in the list of microflows when you add a Microflow Teststep or are Generating a Microflow test.

Possible causes and resolutions

Revision does not match

One reason could be, that the revisions between MTA and the test application don't match.


Commit your changes if you are working in Studio Pro, and Update the revision that MTA uses for the Test Configuration.

Hidden microflow

Another reason could be, that the Microflow is not included when downloading the model from Mendix. Mendix will not include a Microflow when it's implementation is hidden or if the Microflow is part of a hidden or private Module.


To test such a microflow, create a non-private microflow, outside of any hidden or private modules, that calls this microflow as a submicroflow.