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Test Application

This document is based on MTA version 1.8.


A Test Application is an Application environment that is linked with a certain Test Configuration and can be used to execute the Test Configuration on.


NameThe name of the Application environment.

Business rules


Actions on Test Application

View Test Application

  • To view the Test Applications for a Test Configuration, click "Test applications" after selecting the respective Test Configuration.

Create Test Application

Creating a Test Application means linking an Application environment to a Test Configuration.

  • First, create or select a Test Configuration.
  • Click "+ Test application".
  • Select the Mendix Application that you want to test.
  • Then, select the Application environment that you want to test on (for non-MendixCloud environments, first create a Custom Environment).
  • Enter the details for the Mta Plugin User for the respective environment and optionally test if a connection can be established.
  • Choose "Save".

Delete Test Application

  • Navigate to the "Test applications" tab after selecting the Test Configuration that you want to delete the Test Application from.
  • Click on to delete the Test Application you want to delete.


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Last updated 20 september 2022