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Construction Error

This document is based on MTA version 1.8.


A test Construction Error contains an error message for an error that is detected during test design. A Construction Error can be associated with any element in MTA such as a Test Configuration or an Attribute Value.


MessageThe descriptive error message for the Construction Error.
Element typeThe type of element that the error is associated with. Can be one of the following:
- Test Configuration
- Teststep
- attribute value
- selected object for create object step
- selected object for change object step
- selected object for retrieve object step
- selected object for associated object in an object step
- Microflow Parameter Value
- selected object for Microflow Parameter Value
- selected value for compare on an assert
- selected object for count on an object list assert

Business rules

None, as Construction Errors are generated by MTA.

Actions on Construction Error

View Construction Errors

Fix Construction Errors

  • On the Teststep level, a Solve button is shown that will lead to the page where the Construction Error can be fixed.


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Last updated 20 september 2022