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Access Mendix model

To access Mendix projects, the user who logs in to MTA must be linked to a Mendix user.

  • First, login to MTA using the credentials provided by Menditect.
  • Click the user icon on the top right

The following popup will appear:

Mendix credentials

Now fill in the fields under 'Mendix credentials'

  • The Mendix account username;
  • An API key created for this Mendix profile. Go to API keys (links to Mendix site) to create an API key for your Mendix profile.
  • Choose "Save".

To test if this step was successful, try to add a new Test Application to a Test Configuration. The Mendix projects associated with the given Mendix user should be visible.

Always test if you can add a Test Application, to make sure the fields are saved correctly. We have noticed that Chromium browsers sometimes autofill the username and API key fields with your MTA username and password. Make sure to overwrite these fields even if the MTA username matches the Mendix username, because otherwise the username may not be saved correctly.


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Last updated 21 april 2022